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The Gift

Inside, Breanna crouched in complete darkness. The box was only big enough for her to crouch, or kneel. The walls only gave her slightly more room than her hips and shoulders required. She felt slightly uncomfortable, and a little foolish. As she attempted to see through the darkness, her vision was greeted with emptiness. Not a single detail could be seen….


I love the look and feel of the new Living In The Buff.

And my Facebook page just went over 1000 likes!

And look! My first article published in Karibu News!


Summertime: Dancing Easy

It goes along with my photography being used for Dance Days of Buffalo's poster too!

OH! And updated as of this moment - my FOURTH article published in Buffalo Rising!


Dance Days of Buffalo – Dance Days Festival



She's going to be a Buffalebrity Soon

Being The Sea, The Ocean and Me

The depths unwind the fabric of time

In a masquerade of all that would be

Icy, cold castles

Of inky black sea

Winds blow over time

Frothing the waves into mist

A dancing ghost of spirit on the highest crests

Flirting between the air and the sea

Begging so desperately to be

Currents flowing warm above the limitless depths

Cold and dark

And unexplored


To be discovered only by trying

And providing a light of your own

The unyeilding desire to find the mysteries that can still astound

Through the gathering pressure

To still the heaving chest breathing

Gasping for something beyond air and reason

Bending the time beyond understanding

The creatures inhabiting both frightening and freezing

Like shadows within shadows

Movements unseen

As blood in vein boiling

The dangerous depths under this sea

Safer the shallows in the sun and the breezes

Happier thoughts under blue skies and ancient trees

Golden warm sands on the playful time beaches

But there you won't find the depths and the reasons

For what was and what is

The past's future beneath us

Waits undiscovered without trying

Without desire of understanding

And you'll never reach

Into the depths of me