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More Video Fun

LIVE! At the Palladium!

No, sorry, it was just the Buffalo Pizza & Ale House. But Cortney Chyme had to fill in for Derek Mediak of the Derek Mediak Band who was recovering from strep.

Check out these awesome rock renditions of classic alternative rock songs!

Been A Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled


My Site is Back!

I haven't written in my blog for over a year, but now it's taking shape. Many new features and tweaks still need to be applied, but it actually looks like a site again!

I've started a new hashtag on social media - #whereinthebuffislivinginthebuff

Yeah, it's a long one, but it feels right with as much as I do and as many events that I cover! So look for that hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

And enjoy this music while you check out the new look and feel Living In The Buff!

Of Nothing

From June 3, 2009 - a time when my traveling was all but over and all I had left were past reflections of what was, and what I learned.


Isn’t it funny how a flavor can be a smell? Like the sweet taste of scotch on my own breath as I exhale. The flavor invades my nose and I smell... a place. Smells remind us of so much, so vividly of our past.

The smell takes me back to a bar; a random bar on some random summer night in a random city on some random trip. Does it matter where? It doesn’t to me. Who was I with? No one. And that's meaningless.

All that matters is the feeling. That feeling of being able to lose myself in the empty anonymity of being nowhere in particular. To sit at a bar and drink. To be nobody to everyone. To watch the people around me come and go while the ambient music is just a little too loud to be pleasing. The glow of my cell phone in front of me, beckoning me to start a text conversation with someone, or to drag me a little closer back to the reality I’m so far from.

Happy to be far from.

Days long gone.

The time, like all time, was fleeting. But the magic of discovery, and discovering me was vital. Learning what this life has to offer before returning to a trap set once more with the intent of pinning me down, holding me tight, choking me and snapping my neck just for the pleasure of hearing that halting snap.

Now, to play out the details of what remains while still remembering that smell.

And those nights of a different nothing than the nothing of my life.