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We’re Being Watched

...aliens are tracking us. Not all of us, but a significant number of us. Abductions happen, and just as we tag animals in the wild to study their lives, aliens are tagging us too.

See these people with all the piercings in their ears, face, lips, and/or nose? Some of those are actually alien transmitters with which they study the person's movements. They have the technology to create false memories and make the person believe THEY chose to get their ear pierced again... they enjoy having all of these piercings... they experienced going to the "Piercing Pagoda" at the mall or "Old Stinky's Tattoo, Piercing and Botulism Emporium" and got this done.

Meanwhile, the aliens are watching... always watching...

I Do Love Buffalo Show

In March 13, 2014 I got to shoot the I Do Love Buffalo Expo, both the event and the runway show. It was a fantastic event with hundreds of people packing the Statler to meet with 40 different LGBT friendly businesses participating. Here are images from the night, which will hopefully be the first of many of these Pride events.