My original concept for Living in the Buff was to have a blog site dedicated to photo-journaling life in the Western New York Region.  In the years that have flown past since I first started this project my life has taken many turns and thus the direction of Living in the Buff has turned a number of times with it.

With the creation of this new site I can now publish not only the concept of capturing the life around me in pictures, but I can also show off the other photographic and artistic work that I enjoy creating so much.

Within the virtual walls of this site you will find photographs taken from around the region, the world and in my studio. The world has become my inspiration for creativity. Nature, the cosmos, the talent and creativity of the good people I surround myself with. I draw inspiration from everywhere.

My photography isn't a hobby, or a profession - it is a journey of growth and exploration.  A quest without end.  Someday I may come to realize I've reached the end of that journey, but odds are a doctor will have informed those around me that my journey has ended before I realize it has.

I began photography in my childhood, stealing away with my father's camera, or any camera that I could get my hands on. The fascination never stopped. Although after a very active period in high school and college, I took a break from photography and my creativity in general as adult responsibilities called, pressed, and convinced me somehow that my pursuit of arts wasn't worthwhile. At a certain point I realized that I was missing these outlets in my life. In 2007 I purchased my first digital SLR camera, and honestly haven't looked back. I have lived through my captures, my words, my art and I have found it helps me explore the space around me, and within me, like nothing else ever has.

12471696_1239093602786187_2648850923727296447_oAs you (hopefully) enjoy the images and stories you find here, keep in mind I am always seeking new adventures to document and bring to life in the eyes and minds of others.  If you have ideas, want to collaborate on an adventure, or simply want more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in life and living,