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Happy Anniversary To Me!

Living In The Buff Ten Year Anniversary!!!!!! Maybe you've noticed, but most probably haven't - my current watermark updated this year to read Copyright 2007-2017.

Yes, that's right, Living In The Buff is celebrating 10-years of photography this year!

Whether it's been events, public happenings, creative concepts, portraits, or just images of everything there is to love about Buffalo, I've amassed quite a library of photography. So all summer long, I will be releasing some never before seen images, dating back to when Living In The Buff got started! I hope everyone will enjoy it, and thank you for being a fan of Living In The Buff!

Been A Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled


My Site is Back!

I haven't written in my blog for over a year, but now it's taking shape. Many new features and tweaks still need to be applied, but it actually looks like a site again!

I've started a new hashtag on social media - #whereinthebuffislivinginthebuff

Yeah, it's a long one, but it feels right with as much as I do and as many events that I cover! So look for that hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

And enjoy this music while you check out the new look and feel Living In The Buff!

Stone Ground

Lying on a bed of slate and stone
Spirit empty, for love unknown
Broken hearts mend slower than bone
Flesh stings from wounds not sewn
Body lacking both hearth and home

Something... Rome? Nome? Garden Gnome?

...and shit, now I've got nothing.

Sometimes my poems happen that way. I have such grandiose plans to make them something special, something emotionally challenging and stirring. Something that will take the reader's breath away. Then I lose my train of thought, and get lost in the words of others usually. It's different now than in the days when I would focus on music I can feel, the mind blanking white noise of jet engines and the body numbing release of drinking until I had my fill.

And here these words sit. Idle. Not moving. Not moving anything or anyone.

Maybe they should sit on their own. Maybe they need some accompaniment.

A photo? More verses? A quote that can give them balance?

If this was a piece of paper I would probably just spill some coffee on it for character...

Oh, and in case you missed it "Ground" in the title is a verb, past-tense. Not a noun.

Just clarifying.

The World According to the Buff

I realized a few weeks ago after reading some other blogs, I was missing a great opportunity.  I didn't think I had the material I needed to be able to blog on a consistent basis.  But I had been failing to consider my photography.

I have thousands upon thousands of photos from traveling and just living life.  Things that aren't exactly portfolio worthy, but all together, they tell a story.

Are you ready for this?  Just with my past photography alone I can blog endlessly, every day, for the next 5 years.

It will be relentless.