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Happy Anniversary To Me!

Living In The Buff Ten Year Anniversary!!!!!! Maybe you've noticed, but most probably haven't - my current watermark updated this year to read Copyright 2007-2017.

Yes, that's right, Living In The Buff is celebrating 10-years of photography this year!

Whether it's been events, public happenings, creative concepts, portraits, or just images of everything there is to love about Buffalo, I've amassed quite a library of photography. So all summer long, I will be releasing some never before seen images, dating back to when Living In The Buff got started! I hope everyone will enjoy it, and thank you for being a fan of Living In The Buff!

Walk Across the Falls

On June 15th this year, Nik Wallenda will walk across the Falls on a tightrope.  Over 4,000 tickets for viewing have been distributed and only those with a voucher and subsequent wristband will be allowed into the viewing area on the American side of the Falls.  The city of Niagara Falls will be holding a press conference on June 13th to discuss how they will handle the additional traffic and parking stress.

Which of course gets me thinking, if rain showers on your wedding day send brides into a fit of depression and/or rage, how will having your wedding/picture spot occupied by over 4,000 people be handled by any bridezillas that planned out using Niagara Falls State Park as a venue a year or more ago?

If they did this on a Saturday, I'm pretty sure there would be little lacy and flowery riots all over Niagara Falls...


Go to Niagara Falls on a weekend in summer and you won't be able to throw a stick without hitting a bridal party.  It has become one of the most trite and unimaginative places to have a wedding.  When I catch them in the act of "picture taking" I often try to jump in and get some of my own.  I don't photograph weddings often and honestly, I get more engrossed with watching what the photographer is doing... and critiquing it.  I'm snobby that way.

This was a pretty unimaginative photographer.  These kinds of poses make me cringe.  Where is the creativity?  Are you capturing the moments and the love, or just taking pictures of faces with smiles plastered on them?  Yes, the background is nice.  The dress and flowers are lovely.  The bride is all made up for the day.  The groom is in his rented tux and showered and shaved this week.  All is lovely.

Now do something that will ACTUALLY be memorable.


Sometimes Where I Live is Beautiful

Say What you want about Buffalo.  This region has its problems and many of them aren't getting any better.  But one thing I can say for it, it is filled with some amazing beauty.  Natural, man made, occasional pleasant surprises - what have you - I haven't found too many places that compare to here.

Despite my own struggles in living here, it will always be home....

These photos are just some of the images I've captured over the years. I have a huge collection, and will add more in my blog over time.  Hopefully they will inspire some of the love you have for this region as well as inspire others to come here and see it for themselves.