Go to Niagara Falls on a weekend in summer and you won't be able to throw a stick without hitting a bridal party.  It has become one of the most trite and unimaginative places to have a wedding.  When I catch them in the act of "picture taking" I often try to jump in and get some of my own.  I don't photograph weddings often and honestly, I get more engrossed with watching what the photographer is doing... and critiquing it.  I'm snobby that way.

This was a pretty unimaginative photographer.  These kinds of poses make me cringe.  Where is the creativity?  Are you capturing the moments and the love, or just taking pictures of faces with smiles plastered on them?  Yes, the background is nice.  The dress and flowers are lovely.  The bride is all made up for the day.  The groom is in his rented tux and showered and shaved this week.  All is lovely.

Now do something that will ACTUALLY be memorable.


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