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Where Do You Go

Sunflower fields forever

We love to play in summer blooms
In fields of green, under a silver moon
With petals so bright
Shinning stars, and sun light
The bluest of skies
Her crystal blue eyes
Warm skin, warm within
A lover's embrace
Kindness, and grace

But where do you go
When the skies turn to gray
Empty fields where you no longer play
Scattered remains of happier days

Where do you go
When the colors all fade
Summer warm replaced by Autumn's change
When the wind rattles skeletons
Of those happier days

Do you still come to visit
When the sun goes away?
Do you still find the beauty
In these cold autumn days?
Do you still hold tightly
When everything has changed?

Where do you go
When winter's slumber begins
Eyes fade to gray
And the cold bites your skin
Will you still come to visit
And find the beauty within
A colder embrace
Less kindness, and grace

Where will you go
Until it is summer again?

Winter Fun Day

As has become the tradition, New Year's Day 2014 involved a whole lot of winter fun on the sledding hill of Chestnut Ridge Park. The kids get to try out the sledding tubes they got for Christmas - another tradition since tubes these days usually last about a day.

A couple of these didn't even last 10 minutes.

But we all had fun, none-the-less - and I set the hill record for the day for the longest run.

So, there's that.