More Eternal Flame Goodness

This past weekend, we took another hike to the Eternal Flame... and beyond, with our friend Jeff.  I think we all needed a hike and some reconnecting with nature.  And of course, plenty of just being completely silly.

See what I mean?

But for the most part we enjoyed the scenery and enjoyed a day out in nature.

Much of the hike takes you along the creek bed to the flame.  But we didn't just stay to the flame trail.  Still...  most of my pictures were taken on the Flame trail.

The trail is popular.  Us and way too many other people were out there, but on a trail sometimes you have to work with what you've got.

Nevertheless, the flame is pretty awesome.

Unfortunately what you can't see here, because I edited it out...  it IS what photographers do...  there is actually LITTER in the small cave the flame is in.  Unbelievable.   So we're planning a return hike to do some clean-up along the trails.

And beyond!

The Flame as you recall sits in a small cave behind a waterfall.  With the amount of rain we've had lately, it was difficult to get a clear shot of it.

Here you can see just how much water was flowing.  Ok, it's not Niagara Falls, but when you're trying to take a picture of a flame behind water falling down shale, it tends to obscure it.  You can see the cave where the flame resides on the right site of the falls about half-way up the picture.

Slowing the shutter speed to make better use of the available light worsens the effect...

But on to the hike!

Sarah and Jeff took the climb up the side of the ravine by the flame through the tree roots.  I stayed behind and took pictures of them doing so...  just for an alibi later if one of them didn't make it.

Back on the trails we came across another waterfall down stream where the ravine walls were a very delicate rust-red shale.    This is also where Sarah decided she wanted to be a bridge troll, but we convinced her to return to the hike with us.

Along the creek you will find some magnificent scenes such as this one.

Up on a hill in the main park, there is an old monument area encircled with heavy chains and rock pillars.  In the middle, a large rock that once had a mounted plaque sits, plaqueless.    We call it the Druid Circle.  This usually presents another opportunity to be silly...

And, we took advantage.

In all it was a lovely day and we hiked for maybe about three hours in total.  I am now looking forward to our next adventure, of course.

5 thoughts on “More Eternal Flame Goodness

  1. Just as beautiful in Spring.

    I love the idea of capturing this place through each season 🙂

    1. I think we’re going to try to. And within the next few weekend we’re going to organize a clean-up hike to pick up some of the trash people have left on the trail.

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