Sometimes Where I Live is Beautiful – 4

Sunday's hike through the newly snow-covered hills was quite the adventure.  We traversed a couple more steep sided ravines, which in the snow was quite the challenge.   We also took a more popular and marked trail to see the Eternal Flame.  If you look at the image above, you will see a tiny orange light through the fallen trees.   That is the Eternal Flame.

Click the picture to make it bigger if you can't see it.

More on the flame later.

The trail is popular and well traveled, which results in a lot of packed snow and ice on top of rock-hard ground.   The right side of my ass still hurts from multiple slips and falls!  The frozen banks of the creek present another challenge as well - but it was well worth it.

Nature has carved out quite the scenic path on this one, including multiple waterfalls and a tiered, shale creek bed.

I will definitely be heading back during the spring thaw...

2 thoughts on “Sometimes Where I Live is Beautiful – 4

  1. Please do head back there in Spring. It would be wonderful to see the same vistas in different seasons. Where you live really is beautiful 🙂

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