Windy Day

Some pretty strong winds ripped through the area over night and through this afternoon.  We decided to head down to the lake and photograph the storm surge.

Even though Lake Erie is the smallest and shallowest of the Great Lakes, it can get pretty angry when pushed around by 70MPH winds.

Walking to the water's edge was a challenge.  The high winds and strong gusts made it difficult to walk and took your breath away.

After watching the waves near the city, we headed south to Hamburg to check out the action beyond the break walls.

This was the last picture I took before my camera gave up from being soaked.  But it survived.

3 thoughts on “Windy Day

  1. I don’t know how perfect it was. If I wasn’t distracted by the wind itself I probably would have been able to get some better shots.

    And not soaked my camera so quickly…

  2. No! Not the camera! Please say it survived LOL

    The first image is my favourite. The other images remind me of where I live – the sea (a couple of hundred yards away from my home) looks just like that most days out of the year. I don’t think I could live anywhere else though – I am right in the middle of nature here. Where I live is beautiful too 🙂

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