Waiting for Wind

From September 5, 2009


Waiting for Wind

A higher reach than mine
Keeping an eye
Trained on the sky
With an aching in my spine
Collapsing again
Broken to the ground
Set my sights up high
You can’t keep me down
I’ll rise up to kiss this wind
To propel me on my way
A kite, a wing, a push, I grin
Taking another step today
I lift my hands high in prayer
Begging these forces not to stay
To leave behind my fear
And join them as they stray
Seeking the wisdom that they find
Rolling here and there
Seeing more than can my mind
Through these closed eyes where I stare
Learning by feel, learning by scent
Crashing and tumbling bare
Hobbled legs and wings are bent
But try again I must
To catch more wind between
And ever increasing thrust
Flying with the gods unseen
Clouds, sky, stars and skin
Nary a feather clean
Before my next try will begin
Scattered I lay strewed
Collecting all my sin
Behind a mood so dim
Waiting for the wind
To come my way again

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