TSA Follies

Originally written September 9, 2006.


Finally home. For a couple days. This last week was insane. INSANE.

Man, TSA doesn't hire the brightest and the best, do they? Case in point: I had a TSA agent call for a bag check on my carry on. Now, these new rules you can't have any liquids, gels, creams... anything. So that eliminates most of your consumable toiletries. With the exception of solid-stick deodorant.

Well, I had a TSA agent trying to make an exception for that one too. Pulling out my deodorant and giving it a thorough inspection... oh, if someone could have seen this one...

TSA Ditz: (sniffing the open deodorant) "Is this a liquid?"

Me: "Umm.. is it pouring out of it's container?"

TSA Ditz: "But it could be a gel."

Me: "You just stuck your finger in it, does it feel like a gel?"

TSA Ditz: "Not really..." (calling to her supervisor) "Hey, is this a liquid or a gel?"

Supervisor: "No, it's deodorant."

TSA Ditz: "Ok, I guess this is safe..."

Me: "Sure, for the plane. It'll never touch my body again, thanks to you."

All this time, she completely ignored the tube of toothpaste sitting RIGHT NEXT TO the deodorant in my bag....


Oh yeah, I feel so much safer flying now...

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