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Week Three

Today marks the beginning of my third week at the new job. It has been quite an adjustment, but a quick transition. The drive is a solid 50-60 minutes of road time in each direction, which I thought would be bad, but it really hasn't been. I struggle with it a bit just being so far from home each day - there is simply no way to quickly get back if the kids need something, or I have to pick one of them up from school. But there is also no traffic to speak of here, and honestly, a commute to Amherst or Williamsville could take just as long with traffic some days.

At least I can prepare for a consistent distance and amount of time.

The job has grown on me quickly. The staff is nice, the people genuinely need my help - not just people in cut-throat positions trying to get ahead. People here work hard at trying to make life and death experiences manageable, positive, and create successful outcomes. It helps knowing I'm helping helpers.

It is a bit of a relief to be busy, not micromanaged while expected to be a manager. To have a say in decisions and actually have it taken seriously. It's good to be back in a familiar feeling environment, facing real challenges. I like the hands-on, client first approach I need to take.

This has been good. Hopefully, it will continue to be.