Super Hero Dilemmas

Morning conversations in the car...

E: Dad, ok. So, you're a Superhero but your powers are limited. So would you rather.... be able to fly, but you can only do it from two-feet off the ground, or would you rather be able to run with lightning speed, but only for 100-feet at a time?

P: Hmm... I'd rather be able to fly. Even two-feet off the ground, it seems like it would be more useful.

E: True.

P: Besides, all that rapid starting and stopping with the running can't possibly be good for your knees.


P: Flying two-feet off the ground would be fun. It would be like luge racing everywhere!

J: Ok, would you rather have X-Ray vision but never be able to turn it off... or....

E: Hmm....

J: Hmm....

P: ...or, you can fly, but have no control over the direction you go.


E: HAHA! I wanted to go California, why am I in Paris?!

Ahhh.. we have fun.

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