Random Grumblings

Originally written April 20, 2007


First class isn’t what it used to be. Just give me a can and a handful of bottles and leave me be.

And why is a “double” at an airport bar is now 24 oz of soda with a minimal amount of the good stuff, instead of a double-shot of the good stuff in a regular rock glass with a splash of soda? These people need to go to bartender school. If I wanted to drink soda until my bladder burst, I would just order soda.

Is it any wonder why people just drink from the bottle in a paper bag?

No stupid people tricks this week; a damn, crying shame. I look forward to the constant challenge to my own intellect people pose. That, and the laughs. People at their stupidest – inadvertent humor – can’t be beat. Hence the success of shows like, “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” How many times can you see the “dad” getting whacked in the genitals by the piñata bat, and yet people still make the same mistakes.

And I still laugh every time.

Partially because I hope someone that dumb is made sterile by the mistake and Darwin will once again reign triumphant… *sigh… we have defeated Darwin, haven’t we?

This week had many good points. Getting together with a gaggle of mates that I know from on-line on Tuesday night was one of them. But I was tired, and a little out of sorts. I’m sure some of them probably thought.. “gawd, what a bore this guy is in person…” but it was a long week, even by Tuesday. Although I did enjoy myself, and it’s always great to meet and make new friends, share a meal, share some good times. Next time, I’ll do it right.

I’m finding that traveling to do work this routine more than 3 days a week is becoming a complete drag. Flying out on Sunday, getting home after midnight on Saturday with little in-between other than 14 hour days of dealing with… this stuff. Burnout is around the corner.

Got together with an old friend in Memphis this week. We were supposed to go horse-back riding today, but our schedules didn’t pan out. Next time. We did get to enjoy a good Memphis Barbeque and had a good time Thursday night.

My colleague Jorge and I enjoyed ourselves on Beale Street in Memphis too.

Well, we could have enjoyed it more if not for the... people… we decided to meet out.

Clients of sorts – out celebrating one of their birthdays. Let’s just say, in my view the night left much to be desired from that aspect.

But Beale was a cool place. Next time I return to Memphis – it’s PUB CRAWL TIME!

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