Rain Dots

Thoughts scribed from a first-class seat at the bottom of a bottle...

Originally written February 2, 2008


Too many things to write about, too little… consciousness left.

Something poetic to start?

The rain dots my windshield
Obscuring and changing
What I see in front of me
My wipers clear them away
Only to have more rain fall

The mist and spray surround me
As I drive another highway
Another town
Far from home
Far from you

My thoughts, engulfed in you
Just as I am engulfed in the rain

This is retarded.
I’m not a poet.


Let’s try this again… a little lest poetically. Or maybe more poetically. Who knows?

My life… goes on.

You are in my life, and that is important to me, but every day my life goes on.

I need you to understand this… no one really wants to be alone, or lonely. But many of my days are spent on the road, alone. And although I miss what I don’t have with me… the people I miss consume my thoughts, and I’m still ok.

Just as you will be ok.

I know sometimes life gets lonely… it does for me too. Even when I’m not alone, sometimes, that is when I feel the most alone.

But I know now, I am on your mind. I take comfort in that.

I enjoy knowing you are waiting for me. Wanting to be with me.

I would like to think you feel the same, knowing how much I think about you every day.

Things came to mind as I was driving back to the airport… how much I have learned in the last few months. Things I’ve learned about the people in my life; so many things I’ve learned about myself.

Lessons I thought I had learned and memorized before – now life is teaching me new lessons; lessons that contradict the things I thought I had learned.

Which are the right lessons to know? Which work the best for me?

I just don’t know.

There are things I do know.

When something wonderful comes into your life, embrace it.

Patience means everything, especially when hearts are involved.

The lives we touch will never be the same – we influence everything around us.

Love can be boundless. Why try and restrict it?

Just some thoughts from today… my plane will be landing shortly… taking me home again.


It will never be the same…

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