On Guilty Pleasures

I don’t have any guilty pleasures. I’ve never been sure why we should feel guilty about liking something. If it brings you pleasure, just enjoy it no matter what anyone else thinks.

Unless of course what you enjoy infringes on someone else’s enjoyment of life without them having recourse. Then you should feel guilty, and probably stop doing it.

The people that I mostly see infringing on other people’s enjoyment usually work for the government in some capacity. That should tell you something about how things work these days.

Guilt over pleasure is a religious thing; like sins. Is it really a sin if you masturbate or love someone a certain way? No, it’s not. Unless you believe it is - but that’s a belief, and others might not share your belief so stop trying to make them believe what you believe. I have no sins because I don’t have religion, and I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking. Without religion, there are a lot fewer sins, and since I don't infringe on the rights or happiness of other people, my sins are few.

So stop letting other people tell you that you need to feel guilty over the things you enjoy. Odds are, there is nothing you’re doing that you should feel the least bit guilty about.

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