Lessons in Art

I once had an art teacher tell me, "Art is life.  Life is art."

Makes sense, in one of those directly circular logic sort of ways.  Of course, if she was wrong and art is not life, then life is something completely different.

Is this art, or is this life?

Ok, how about this?

Art, or life?

And this?

I think you get my point.

If you do, please let me know what it is.  Right now I'm realizing, it doesn't matter if I'm taking pictures of life, or trying to make art, if there are squirrels around there is a good chance I will be distracted by them.

But hey.... that's life.

Or is it art?

3 thoughts on “Lessons in Art

  1. I do think life is art… These photos are beautiful in a photo-journalistic way. Photojournalism is art. When you think of the world history that has carried the biggest impact, a picture is always present.

    I’d love to see your work in the field!

  2. Thank you. But I do have to ask then, what do you think true art is?

    Is it a painting of squiggly lines and paint splatters that some museum thinks is genius, or is it simply the beauty of the world around us, captured and show to us, possibly at an angle we’ve never seen it before?

    Is what I am doing here really artistic or just a lark of a hobby?

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