In The Mind’s Eye

Originally written November 11, 2008.

Art, whether it is a painting, a photograph, a poem, a story or a song, everything we create adds to the world and the human experience. Those that endeavor to create for the sake of creating bless our world with every creation, and make the world a better place for those who embrace their creations.

Something created isn't just given to the world, it is given to you directly. It is given to you for you to do what you will with it in your mind, in your heart and in your life.

Embrace the richness of the everything people have created since the dawn of humankind. And remember, it was all created just for you.


A homely cherub perches
On a marble ledge
Watching over an effervescent pond
Where the bull frogs are known
Only by their eyes
And the birds pause
A little longer on the shore

Reeds grow solemnly around
The willow that stretches and yawns
Its arms covered in a sweater
Of Spanish moss
Tangles of hair and yesterdays
Swaying with the wind
And a dragonfly darts
In a dance of delight

Under the tree
In the long summer grass
A boy lies dreaming
A dream awake
A life lived vicariously
In the wonders of his mind
The inertia that can only
Set in motion
The dreams of youth
The wonders of the future
And what life holds
Beyond the life known

Spurred on by the words
Written by another
Pictures painted and hung
So carefully on the wall
Creativity captured by a hand
But seen better in the mind’s eye
The intentions not of matter
But of feeling
Nay, not of the physical
But spiritual
Commanding the heart to move
Commanding the mind to dream
Commanding the passion to flow
And giving life
Oh, giving a breath taking life
To the world to have for its own

But it is here
Within an audience of one
Where a friend is found
A confidant
Offering comfort on lonely nights
Soothing the aching heart
And letting a weary mind rest
At ease with a dream
A star to reach toward
A hurt to leave behind
Tomorrows defined
Only by possibility and hope

Without this
What would a tomorrow be?
And a life lacking this
Would be more difficult to lead
Left with the stark and empty promises
Of the world that surrounds
And the bitterness of living
Without a dream
No stars at night
No clouds in the sky
A heart without a beat
Without love or desire
Is no life for me

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