What petals of red
Grace this foot path that I tread?
These are not the solemn gifts
Promised by a voice so vain
Strewn upon the weary road
Bestowed upon he who wanders
On the sun dried earth
Beat hard by those that traveled before me
Yet, I alone receive them
Concealing the unraveled black threads
That mark my journey past
Once tethered and tied so sturdy
The tangles and frays
Now hidden from sight
By petals of red
And these rays of golden light
Behold, they lead me
Breaking the orange hued horizon
Illuminating my way
Blessing my journey with a new day
Promise and hope
Love and joy
Smiles and patience
These magical elements
Grown from the soil
Planted by the stars above
As fleeting moments to cherish
Continuing along to harvest
While embraced by a morning too quiet to see
And this morning exists only for she
She alone, and me
And I will travel on, still
Under her cobalt skies
Until I bathe in the waters
Of her cobalt seas

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