At A Starbucks in O’Hare

Standing at the coffee & creamer counter, trying to get a napkin.

Woman: Sorry, did you need creamer? Am I in your way?

Me: No, just a napkin, thanks.

W: You don't put anything in your coffee?

M: Nope.

W: Typical Chicagoan.

M: Umm.. no, I just landed here to catch another flight. I'm not from Chicago.

W: Well, still. Seems to be a Chicago thing, drinking your coffee black.

M: I just... like.. coffee to be coffee.

W: But it's still weird.

M: .... Ok. Have a nice day then.

Lady, I'm sure there are a thousand other reasons I can give you to consider me weird. The way I drink my coffee is way, WAY low on that list.

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