A Mind At Rest

You know, the Moon can be moved?

How so?

Even the smallest body in space can have a large affect on a planetary body.  Watch, as I hold the Moon tight in my arms.

But how can you do that?

It's easy.

You're holding it too tight, it's losing its shape.

But the laws of gravity and centrifugal force will make it spherical again...

Ah, I see.

Don't worry.  It isn't a big change.  And I will hold on to this piece of the Moon to bring back with me.

How are you doing that?  You can't live in space.

Oh, I have a suit on that protects me.

And a ship?

Well, I'm tethered to something here, but this is the longest space walk ever.

To the Moon?

Yes, but now we must head home.

To Earth?


Will you bring the Moon with you?

No, just this piece I'm holding tight on to.  But the Earth is dark now.  Black, turned away from the Sun and I cannot see where I am going.  I can only feel the gravity.  Gravity is what pulls me back home, even from the Moon.

But how will you not burn up when you re-enter the atmosphere?

I'm not sure.  Something about being too small, or moving too slowly.  But I've been assured I won't.  It will just be a free-fall.

How will you survive it?

I have a parachute.  Oh, I can feel the wind now and the Sun is breaking over the horizon.  The clouds are glowing bright, but there is only an ocean below me!

You need to find land!

I will - I will keep moving forward until - AH!  There!  I see land now.

You're falling so fast.

But I will hang on tight to this piece of the Moon and these pearl adorned ballet slippers.

Why the slippers?

They belonged to a little girl that died.  She always wanted to go to the Moon.   See, I will land in the shop kept by the old man that keeps these slippers in a little box behind his counter.

They seem important.

After the girl died, the house where she lived burned to the ground.  The slippers were the only item her father could save.  Her mother still comes to the shop every week to look at the slippers the old man keeps in the box.  She panics if they cannot be found.  So now I will put them back into the box, for her.

She seems upset.

She cannot tell the difference between these slippers and some other ones.  All memories fade, in time.

We should go upstairs.

I will, but the stairwell is too narrow for me to fit.  I'm going to have to squeeze past these old boards that stick out and crawl up the stairs.  Wait, I can just remove them.  The corners are cut and not secured.  Oh, but this one was holding up electrical wires, so I better put it back.

But then how will you return?

I don't know.  But I guess I will find my way.  After all, I just flew to the Moon...


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