Where ever so
This discontent
Pulls loose flesh
Where within is spent
On lapsing faux blanks
Licking stones
Hiding in river banks
Where laughter sings
At the destruction time brings
Fleeting moments
Over fleshy torments
And teases so cruel
Unravel the nerves once so cool
We giggle in the caves
Houses built by the ocean waves
Pointing and gasping
Hating this mechanical clasping
Covering our solemn souls
Coveting that which holds
Lies and truths dashed upon our rocks
With a salty foam our only stocks
Spending this energy of youth
On finding life’s only truth
Once around, is all you get
Spend your time wisely, is what we meant
Taking your turn to hold this sand
Pouring through your imperfect hand
Slipping away with each passing day
Love and passion will be all you save
No pride, dignity or lies
Until your final breath dies


Originally written, September 6, 2009

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